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TEDS'18. Proceedings of the international conference on Technology&Enterpreneurship in digital society [Электронный ресурс] / К.V. Sayapina ( К.В. Саяпина) [и др.]; Financial university under the goverment of the Russian Federation (Финуниверситет) ; Moscow Technology University of Communication and Informatics (Московский технический ун-т связи и информатики). — 6,12 Мб. — Saint-Petersburg: Real economy, 2019. — Издание на англ. яз. — Только электронный ресурс. — Свободный доступ из сети Интернет (чтение, печать, копирование). — <URL:>.

Record create date: 6/24/2019

Subject: научные издания; сборники; юбилеи; 100 лет; международные конференции; 2019 г.; "Technology$Enterpreneurship in digital society"; английский язык; полный текст; электронные публикации; авторы ФА; предпринимательство; цифровая экономика; цифровизация; цифровые системы; производственные риски; промышленная безопасность; информационная безопасность; технологии; блокчейн; финансовые технологии; информационные технологии; машинное обучение; криптовалюты

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Table of Contents

  • Design and Development of the Module to Control the Quadcopter using the Signs shown by Hands
  • Anomaly Detection by Machine Learning Method based on the Gaussian Distribution
  • Application of Neural Networks for Object Recognition in Video Surveillance Systems of Industrial IoT
  • Analysis of Work of YOLO v.3 AND YOLO v.2 Neural Networks
  • Design of a Program Complex Architecture for Equipment Control Using Gestures
  • Real-Time Object Classification on Aircraft Board using Raspberry Pi 3
  • IIoT Competencies Support in the Master's Program “Аutomation of technological Processes and Production”
  • Specialists’ Training of in Industrial Internet of Things Systems Development
  • Effective Precoding Technique for Multiuser MIMOSystems*
  • Filtration of Linear Recurrent Sequences withRandom Delay and Random Initial Phase
  • Digital Filters’ Quality Improvement Technique withGiven Frequency Response Requirements
  • Timing Quality for New Generation Networks
  • Linear Iterative Demodulation Algorithm for MIMOSystems with Large Number of Antennas
  • Analytical Method of Forming the Equivalent VirtualMIMO Channel Matrix for Space-Time Codes ofHigh Dimensions
  • New Algorithms for Processing Signals at theReceiver Side for Wireless Communication Systemswith Massive MIMO Technology
  • СyberSecurity Concept For New Generation Telecommunication Networks
  • Experimental Study of Wireless Music And Speech Communication with the Use of Technology of Single-Wire Lines
  • Security of Wireless onboard Sensor Network
  • Harmonization of Critical Information Infrastructure Objects Threats
  • Asymptotic Enumeration of Binary Orthogonal Arrays*
  • IT Students about Risks and Security of Industrial Internet of Things
  • The Research of Blockchain Technology for Data Protection in IoT Devices
  • Classification of encrypted Applications of Traffic Mobile Devices using the Data Mining
  • The Blockchain Technology in State Institutions
  • The Application of Generational Theory to Digital Content Management
  • The Role of Professional Labor Migration in Developing an Effective Knowledge Management System in High-Technological Organization
  • Web-Environment Supervision as a New Form of Internet Socialization
  • The Ecosystem for Online Entrepreneurship Teaching
  • Russian Digital Economy: State and Development Prospects
  • Research on the Application of Neuromarketing Technologies on Financial Markets
  • Features of Joint Value Creation in the Context of Digitalization
  • Artificial Intelligence as a Challenge for Industries, Economy and Society
  • System of Evaluation of Intellectual Capital and Intangible Assets Created on the Basis of Intellectual Property
  • Passenger Traffic Forecasting for New Urban Railways in Moscow

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